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POSTED BY Bl3ss3D September 8, 2020 in The Iron League
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The Iron League is all about Iron Harvest a new RTS game just released on September 1, 2020, by the fantastic Developers known as “King Art Games” and Published by none other than “Deep Silver”.

The Game Features a Single Player Story Line with Co-Op, Skirmish Modes, Multiplayer, and Ranked. The Game has a Diesel Punk Theme set in an Alternative WW1 World known as 1920+. Huge Mechs and a Plethora of Heroes and Troops are at your disposal. Capturing Supply points and the Victory Flags are some of the Goals you need to win a map but what it really comes down to is how well you calculate what you will need at the right time. Utilizing your resources is crucial in this game. Losing a mech or an expensive troop choice can set you back a pretty penny and in some cases lose you the game.

Rusviets, Polania and Saxony are the 3 Factions currently all with their own Flavors and themes.

So if your looking for a new RTS to dive into check out Iron Harvest and get started on becoming a Hero of your chosen faction.


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